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Kraken x61 / gen two users only - Downloaded zadig and install libusbK driver for the Kraken device . ... Thanks a lot for this! I followed a guide and I've set a fixed pump speed and a 4 interval curve for the fan. I'm seeing quite a bit of variation, though. The pump speed, as reported by HWInfo 6.04, is 2060 rpm one moment and 2180 rpm. 2013. 1. 8. · By Ron Astall, United Pumps Australia. Some pump curves look different. When a pump curve has a hump in it or a high point away from zero flow it is said to be “unstable”. A “stable” curve has maximum head at zero flow and a negative gradient (constantly falling) as flow increases. A stable curve is sometimes known as a “CFC” or. . NZXT Kraken Guide: How to.
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